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Please talk with your Steward with any issues first.



Assert you Weingarten Rights (Right to a steward)

Letter Carriers have the right to have Union representation during
any interview that could reasonably lead to discipline.

However, the carrier being questioned is the only one that can invoke these rights.

Belonging to the Union

Although we are locally organized 98% there is still room for improvement. To the few who ask: What has the union done for me; or why should I be a member?

The NALC has provided so much that you could not possibly have achieved on your own. Space does not permit a complete listing of all the benefits achieved by membership in the NALC, but here is a list of some of the most significant items:

Dollars & Cents

Unlike other non-postal Federal Employees, NALC bargains collectively with our employer over wages, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment. In 1970 our pay was tied to what a GS Grade was paid. That changed in the 1970 strike. Since then through bargaining, the NALC has produced wage increases and cost of living allowances in every contract since 1971.

Job Security
- Lifetime protection against lay off after six years of service. Protection against discharge or discipline. Management must prove that just cause exists in order to do so.
- A 90 day probation period as opposed to one year for other federal workers.

Paid Holidays
10 paid holidays including designation of another day as your paid holiday if the holiday falls on your regular non-scheduled day off.

Annual and Sick Leave
-Vacation selection guarantees
- Leave sharing program
- Dependent care leave which allows use of up to 80 hours sick leave per year to care for an ill family member,

Ill or Injured On or Off the Job

- Federal Employee Compensation Ace, contractual rights and representation for job related illness or injuries. NALC is not obligated to help non-union members with OWCP cases.
- Light Duty, ensuring management’s extensive obligations are met to provide light duty when available if you become ill or injured off the job.

Double time pay when certain overtime limits are exceeded. An overtime administration system which limits mandatory overtime and provides for equitable distribution of overtime hours for carriers who desire overtime.

A negotiated uniform selection and allowance program

- Higher employer contributions to Health Insurance; the Postal Service pays approximately 71% of premiums as opposed to the 60% the Federal Government pays for other federal workers.
- Free $5,000 accidental death insurance policy.
- Access to a number of excellent insurance programs provided by MBA/NSBA
- FEGLI Insurance, other federal employees pay for the basic life insurance in the amount of $150 per year while postal employees pay nothing.

Other Benefits


Right to bid preferred assignments by seniority. Clearly management would prefer the right to make such assignments to those individuals they consider to be "best qualified".

Enforcement of your Rights
A Grievance procedure with well trained officers and stewards to police and enforce your rights.


A variety of sources to keep the members informed as to the issues of the day.
Nationally, the award winning Postal Record, NALC Activist, NALC Retiree and others.
- Regionally, NBA NEWS, Regional Training Seminars and other training seminars and various mailings.
- State and Local Meetings and publications.


A strong legislation program that fights to protect your retirement and other federal benefits and against those forces who seek to weaken or destroy the postal service.

Democracy in action

A Democratic Organization with the right to every member to vote for National and Local Union Officials. Right to elect delegates to National and State Conventions to dictate laws and policy of the union and priorities at contract negotiations.

It Doesn’t Cost To Belong to the NALC, It Pays!