Dear Letter Carrier,

In recent months there has been much talk about COLCPE.  Many carriers do not fully understand what this is or may have some misnomers about exactly COLCPE does.  The NALC has asked all carriers to consider a contribution to COLCPE.

COLCPE (pronounced "cole-sep") is an acronym for the Committee On Letter Carriers Political Education.  COLCPE is a federally registered PAC (Political Action Committee) established by the NALC in 1976.  Since its inception COLCPE has donated over $15 million to the campaigns of candidates for the House and Senate who support the needs of letter carriers and their families.  In 1998, 23 of 27 COLCPE Senate candidates were victorious in their elections as were 248 of 266 House candidates.  COLCPE-backed victors included Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) who defeated the incumbent Al D'Amato, who letter carriers will remember for his about-face on Hatch Act reform.

COLCPE is non-partisan and supports both Democrats and Republicans. In 2003 contributions were almost equally divided between Republicans and Democrats.  Parties at local levels decide who to support based on meetings with the candidates, the candidates views on Letter Carrier issues, the candidates previous voting record on Letter Carrier issues, and the opinions of Letter Carriers in each locality on their choice for a particular office.

COLCPE contributions are not tax deductible. They are however an investment in your future.  Some people do not like the idea of “Paying off politicians”.  Believe me, none of us do.  Funding the campaigns of political figures with your interests in mind is the way the system works.  Voting for those individuals is important, but they need money to educate more voters than just you and me on why they should be elected.  With the advancement of advertising, running for office has become a very expensive proposition.  No matter how good, or moral a candidate is, without money he or she cannot get elected.  Candidates know this and whether they are Republican or Democrat, they remember who helped them to get elected.

One of the strongest political actions groups around is the NRA. They obviously donate their funds to ‘Pro-Gun’ candidates while the Moral Majority donates to ‘Right to Life’ candidates. That's the way (in over simplistic terms) the game is played. Why shouldn't we contribute to our PAC so we can see some more labor friendly men and women elected?  

Consider for a second that UPS and our other competitors contribute millions of dollars each year to candidates who will vote on legislation to limit the Postal Services monopoly on mail delivery.  These same candidates will also support legislation to remove limits which are set to make them unable to undercut the Postal Service on certain services.  These laws protect the Postal Service and our jobs.  The Postal Service, as a government organization, cannot contribute to political candidates.  In short, those politicians who oppose us are being funded by our employer’s competitors and our employer’s hands are tied.  It is up to us to save this company, no one else can.

We are stronger than you may think.  If roughly a quarter-million active Letter Carriers donate just $5 per pay period, we can raise millions of dollars in just one year.  This would do a great deal to save the Postal Service and our jobs.  COLCPE and the NALC have been good to Letter Carriers while asking little in return.  Some of us have seen nothing but good times.  Ask a Retired Letter Carrier who went on strike (to get you the job you enjoy today) if it was worth risking their job and their future by walking off the job to fight for their rights.  We owe them all a great deal of respect.  What we are asking for pales in comparison. 

We ask only that you donate just $5 per pay period to COLCPE.  This can be done through payroll deduction, just like the combined Federal Campaign which we are all familiar with.  Quite a bargain if you ask me.   Step by step instructions have been included which will help you to set up your deduction over the phone using PostalEASE.  If you have any questions about this, we encourage you to call the branch office and talk to one of your union officials.  It’s time to start acting like a union!



How To Contribute To COLCPE Using PostalEASE

Letter Carriers can now contribute directly to COLCPE (NALC's Committee on Letter Carrier Political Education) from their paychecks using the Postal Service's PostalEASE. Through PostalEASE you can designate COLCPE as one of your two* payroll "allotments".

1. Be sure you know your 4-digit USPS Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you cannot remember your PIN   number, call PostalEASE at 1-877-4PS-EASE, select "1", enter your Social Security Number, select "1" to hear information about your PIN, and select "2" to have your PIN mailed to you.


2. Create your own Account Number by inserting in the spaces below the first seven digits of the ID number that appears above your name on the back cover of your Postal Record.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 0034952535

3. Now you are ready to call PostalEASE toll-free at 1-877-4PS-EASE (1-877-477-3273)

bullet When prompted, select "1" for PostalEASE and then enter your Social Security Number and your USPS PIN
bullet Select "2" for payroll options
bullet Select "1" for allotments
bullet Disregard instructions to complete Allotment Worksheet and select "2" to continue
bullet Select "3" to ADD a new allotment
bullet Enter the 9-digit Financial Institution Routing Number: 0 6 4 0 0 0 0 1 7
bullet Select "1" to continue processing allotment
bullet Select "1" to "enter the allotment now"
bullet Enter your 17 digit Account Number from above
bullet Enter "1" for Checking
bullet Enter amount of allotment: $___.00. If amount is correct, select "1"

After completing your entry, do not end the call until you are given a Confirmation Number, the Pay Period that the allotment will be effective on and the Pay Date that the allotment will be reflected in. (Keep this information for your records and future reference.)

or follow the link to the site listed below